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. He will come and cut us in pieces, and let be the end of our tragedy.[381] These be the delicate dishes prepared for the world's well-beloved children. These be the wafers and junkets provided for world


ly prelates—wailing and gnashing of teeth. 'If you will not die eternally, live not worldly. Preach truly the Word of God. Feed ye tenderly the floc


k of Christ. Love the light. Walk in the light, and so be the children of light while you are in the world, that you may s


hine in the world to come bright as the sun, with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.' An action full of simplicity and warmth had a

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    ccompanied the firm and courageous words of the Reformer. {184} The reverend members of convocation had found their man, and his sermon appeared to them bitterer than wormwood. They dared

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    not, however, show their anger, for behind Latimer was Cranmer, and they feared lest they should find the king behind Cranmer. Ere long the clergy received another mortificatio

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    n which they dared not complain of. A rumor got abroad that Cromwell would be the representative of Henry VIII. in the assembly. 'What!' they cried out, 'a layman, a man who has never take


n a degree in any universi

ty!' But what was the astonishment of the prelates, when they saw not Cromwell enter, but his se

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e, Cromwell came down, and took his seat above all the

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prelates. The lay element took, with a bold step, a position from which it had been so long banished. =THE MALA DOGMATA DE